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Get Softer Skin With A Honey And Milk Bath

No matter what you've been told by other people or heard in TV commercials, you should know that the secret to having beautiful, young and soft skin lies in a milk and honey bath. If you didn’t hear about this method before, then that’s okay, since it's at least a century old and has only been made available to rich and famous people. However, since it leaked online, millions of people, including you have been given the chance to greatly improve their skin without spending a lot of money to achieve this.

Get only the best phytoceramides

One of the best and fastest ways of making sure you'll improve the way your skin looks and feels is by using top rated phytoceramides. You can easily find them on the internet and not only are they fully natural (meaning they contain organic ingredients), but they are also scientifically proven to work. Phytoceramides are made in the USA so compared to getting other anti aging supplements from other counties, you have the peace of mind only the best ingredients have been used and there are no dangerous chemicals added to the product. As far as results go, you can see them in as little as two weeks. 

Learn more about the ingredients

When looking for a skincare product, you should learn more about what and how the ingredients affect your skin. For instance, Epsom salts are a natural skin emollient, exfoliant, detoxifier and healing agent, while baking soda smoothes your skin and neutralizes the damaging acids on it. When it comes to milk, it improves the texture and structure of your skin by lending it proteins.



Mixing the ingredients

In order to make sure you take advantage of all these benefits, you should mix the ingredients. Use a one quart measuring cup and then heat the milk in the microwave oven for about two minutes on the high setting. Add the honey and make sure that you stir well. After that, you'll need to take everything to the bath with the rest of the ingredients. 

Preparing the bath

To make sure you get it right, you should first of all run the bath water, add the dry ingredients and ten add the honey and milk mixture. Next, add in whole herbs like thyme, sage or rosemary and fragrant petals, including lilac and lavender. Lastly, make sure to create a soothing atmosphere by dimming the lights and lighting the candles. 



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