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The Photo Ready Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime


Wedding photographers love a great photo opportunity. Getting ready for your wedding can be an exciting time to experiment. Have you ever pictured something in your mind, maybe some exotic hair-do that you thought may look absolutely stunning on you, only to try it out and realize you were wrong? These kinds of mistakes happen all the time. And that okay, we live and we learn. But the one time that these mistakes should never happen is on your wedding day. This is not the time to experiment with make-up or hair-dos. Your wedding day should be perfect. You should have rehearsed all this in the days leading up to the wedding. You should know what shades and hair-dos make you look absolutely radiant and which ones just aren't for you. However, fear not, any Kent wedding photographer worth their salt will tell you when your make-up is a little off. With that in mind, here are some tips from Lovepear wedding photography kent to help you through the perfect photo ready pre-wedding beauty regime.

Know your make-up

Most women know how to do their own make-up, this is something most practice from the time they get old enough to play with make-up.Your wedding day preparations will take a lot more than just slapping on some mascara and glittering lip gloss. It will take much more than that to look as good as those picture perfect brides on all the bridal magazines you've seen so far. Wedding photographers in Kent know how to help you achieve that look, but they will need help from a professional make-up artist. Which leads to the next step:

Get a professional make-up artist

You may not think that this is necessary since you have been doing your own make up for years now, but trust us when we say it is necessary. Professional make-up artists know something you don't. They know how to give you that glowing look without throwing off your natural glow. Just as you would not go the armature Kent wedding photography way, you should not trust armetures with your make-up on this great day.

Keep a healthy diet

This is something that you should always aspire to, but more so in the months leading up to your wedding day. Yes, it is that serious. Eat better, sleep well, exercise, drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun and so on. These are things that will help you have a radiant skin on your wedding day. With this kind of radiance, anything is possible.

Kent wedding photographers will capture your beauty in all it's splendour. It is up to you to bring that splendour by keeping a healthy skin that glows and using the right make-up artist.



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