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Accessing Facebook In China


What Is Facebook ?

Facebook, like many other sites is banned in China. This therefore limits the Chinese people and those visiting on the interactions they can have online. They cannot post pictures, status updates and many more that Facebook allows its users. This social media platform allows people to interact from all over the world. For those in China however, accessing the site is a problem because the Chinese government has banned it.

Why You Can’t Access Facebook In China ?

In 2009, a riot erupted in Xiajing. The government believed that social media and especially Facebook were used to plan this riot. As a result, the site was banned. This however is not the only reason, according to Chinese law. All online content must be monitored, restricted and controlled. Some is even deleted, if it is deemed unfit by the moderators. While this moderation is easy for servers located in the country, those outside the country are challenging. Facebook falls under the latter category and so the best option is to ban the website. It is easier than trying to monitor the servers, something that the owners would hardly agree to. 

Using VPN

The belief that you can’t access Facebook in China has a simple solution; the use of VPNs. This is an acronym for Virtual Private Network is an encrypted connection allowing you to connect to a distant server with a firewall protecting your connection. What a VPN will do is that it will be showing the servers controlling internet access in China a different address from the one you are actually accessing. When you want to visit Facebook, just connect the VPN and the site will show. VPNs however are not free but require a monthly or annual fee. Another challenge is that most VPNs are blocked in China and do not work. So, ensure that the VPN you settle fir will actually work before purchasing access.

Using Proxies

These are websites whose servers are located elsewhere in the world and allow users to visit websites through them. If you make use of one of these, the details that will be seen with regard to your identity and location are theirs. There are free proxies and those that charge for the service all you have to do is choose one. Just ensure that you do not choose one that is hosted in countries that have banned Facebook as well. These are the likes of Iraq, Bahrain, Cuba, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Vietnam and Oman among others.

Legal Issues

The use of proxies and VPNs to access Facebook in China may not be in itself an illegal act. These are internet-based technologies which anyone in the country is free to use. The bigger issue is what you use this access to do. Used for the right purposes that are peaceful and lawful, it can be a productive venture. When used for inciting or illegal actions, it will land you into trouble with not only the Chinese government but the entire world at large. Definite legal advice on this can be obtained from a qualified attorney.



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