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Key Ignition Repair


More often than not, most people may find themselves in trouble with their ignition keys. Some of these issues that prompt such anomalies could be related to the model and make of that particular vehicle.

There exist three commonly known issues that cause such which are:

  • The ignition cylinder
  • The key itself
  • The use error

The First Step Should Be To Check What The Problem Could Be Before You Resolve To Fix It 

  1. To check, the first thing to do is to try pull that key out and then put it back in and try turning it. If the problem persists, pull it slightly back, some proportion of an inch and try again turning it on. There is a high possibility that the car will turn on. In such an instance, there is one possible problem - the car key is worn out and it needs to be quickly replaced.
  2. If the car fails to turn on, you can also wriggle the key. This will allow the key to engage the pins in the cars’ ignition. If by wriggling the car turns on, then the possible issue is that the key’s teeth are worn out.
  3. The other possible problem could be that the keys are bent. In this regard, find a mallet and strengthen the keys. At times, the keys may get stuck in the ignition cylinder. The best thing to do in such a situation is to trying pushing the key in and out. If you make it to pull it out, then the problem could be that the debris needs to be cleaned up. 

To address the above problems, the following will be the most ideal things to do. If the keys get stuck in the ignition cylinder, you are advised to buy some canned air from a local retail supply shop and use it to clean the debris. You can do this by inserting a straw directly from the nozzle and into the keys. This should be done in short spurts to avoid any possible damage. Caution should be taken to avoid the debris getting into your eyes too. 

One can equally use an electric cleaner to clean the key hole. This is done by spraying some amount of the electrical cleaner into the hole. This is meant to cause some lubrication to enable the key to turn. One should consider replacing the cylinder should that work

If worse comes to worst and you are unable to get any positive results, then it is prudent that you have the whole of the ignition cylinder replaced. One should consider taking his/her vehicle to the nearest repair facility to that deals with the kind of car or model he/she uses for replacement of the ignition key. While doing this, it is good that one explains his case and that he/she gets to discuss other alternatives available should there be any. Some repair facilities will require that one demonstrates that he is the true owner of the car, beyond reasonable doubt. Always remember that a change of the ignition key will mean that you’ll equally have to acquire a new key. 




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